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” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2022 words, update at: 2017-08-25 06:47

The boss mentions the misfortune of his daughter, had burst into tears, I also by his sad and sad infection, just blindly follow him to weep.

Another becomes silent, the tear on his wipe face raises a face again: “Very fast, gong Mei came, she resembles mad the half alive that attacks to cry to the daughter’s body euqally! She cries, when awaking again, discovery is in my bosom, of her death catch flinch I want to mix I desperately, let me return her daughter — she hates me — cannot excuse me more! If not be me so not responsible, how can the daughter have an accident? It is the daughter that I killed us — you do not know, gong Mei is the sort of very gentle and quiet and composed, also pay attention to the woman of figure very much, she is done not have so pass nohow, lose a daughter to have to her blow it is thus clear that how old? Whats cannot offset the harm that loses a daughter to be caused to her! From wherefrom moment begins, she also did not say a word with me again, she is disinclined to see me even, he hates me — . He hates me — ..

He stops again, this tear has been on his face caky, he ases if in the circumstances that was immersed in bloodcurdling beyond redemption, sound bleak is helpless: “My appearance does not give the anguish at that time and despair, but the hospital still has my sick into death father, I must swipe spirit goes to a hospital. Father from time to time is sober in those days from time to time is in narcosis. What does he seem to feel beforehand? Wanted to regain consciousness to be able to ask only: Thriving did dry what go? How so long will see me? I dare not tell truth with father, I can lie only: Thriving went to school cannot stay for long in the hospital, will had seen you after school, always caught up with you to be asleep! Don’t I have the courage to think if father knew thriving thing should have many sad? I do not have the courage to think can have how sequential. Even if such, father still is in finally October 15 also forever left me! Father still is in finally October 15 also forever left me!!

In succession loses two the closest dear ones, such blow is an iron beater, unavoidable also endure do not rise. I look at him afraidly, hope he can earn emergence to come from inside painful lair as early as possible more! Does much him hope have method to change his misfortune? I dare not ask again even: “Why do you want to divorce later? “Why do you want to divorce later??

In the heart that he saw me probably, hanging low palpebral say: “Father leaves the following day, gong Mei also left. She was dealt with go the formalities with emigrant Singapore, found me to sign on divorce agreement through the lawyer, he does not agree even final one side to see me — visible, she hates me to have many deep! This all one’s life she is impossible to excuse me! We feeling of more than 10 years so ended, I still do not have reaction to come over even — “

Suddenly feel the man destiny before is even more miserable than me, oneself are small setback only so, do not have catastrophe of what big calamity, he just is the real all previous practice with endure the world the most painful.

He is enmeshed deeply in anguish again, had not known how long, suddenly on the face that admires eye having a head to turn to me: “I had never spoken of this thing with others, include Cheng child two elder sisters with me. You do not know, after Gong Mei leaves, my whole world cave in! Had had long period of time I live in sadness, self-condemned, contrite in, the rock that I keep at the moment is worn the daughter’s innocent and lovely little face, from time to time she is crying to ask me: Father, why don’t you receive me to come home? Are you fond of exultation glad? Are you not thriving? Are you and mom not thriving? I dare not recollect a few words that Tong Gongmei is together even, just also can see her in the dream only the hidden bitterness of one face, see what she hates anger look at me — I know them forever won’t Rao Shu me! But I do not think them without method, I face the fact before without method. I face the fact before without method..

He is long why tone, silent, in a way of this ability mood has some of assuasive say: “At that time, I plan to give 2 elder sisters the business of restaurant even, probably two my elder sisters also see my heart grey meaning is cold, unripe without can love, they worry about me more, be afraid of me always so demoralized go down to cannot free oneself from inside anguish come out, morning and evening also can leave them, they know, to me, probably the exclusive pillar that the restaurant that father uses painstaking effort all one’s life to be changed is my subsist. Altho[……]


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” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1716 words, update at: 2017-08-20 13:00

The boss looks very earnest Cheng yielding gold to leave, jin Cheng however of the simperingly look at him, sighed finally: “You are true defect went in this! Was over! Was over! ” his eye is very informal see me catch say next: “Drive me to go really? Don’t you regret? Don’t you regret??

The boss seems to be offended by his lax respectful head: “Boil quickly! Those who boil is faster better! Those who boil is faster better!!

He is laughing of make eyes as before: “So say you are true need not I? Occupied do not look for me again! I can boil really! I can boil really!!

“Boil quickly! Do not delay me to have a meal! I am fast starved to death! ” the boss was saying to had poured congee in a bowl, eyelid also does not carry: “Send a meal seasonable drop midday! How sentimental? How sentimental??

The smile of golden Cheng eyeful, laugh breathe out the departure that breathe out.

The boss is carrying congee to give me before, seem to be in fool the child: ” hungry? You can drink congee only now, dot of put up with, etc left hospital I am done for you with one’s own hands delicious! Etc left hospital I am done for you with one’s own hands delicious!!

Has my where gotten this kind of treatment? Fall ill in one’s childhood mom also is done not have so right cross me! For a short while I feel some are absentminded, is knowing oneself are to daydreaming still to appear at the moment dreamland? I am stupefied continuously be stupefied look at him actually foolish same.

It is the meaning that sees me was not moved probably, he sits in my bedside actually, with spoon dip by the side of the mouth that congee sends me: “You moved inconvenience not to move the crucial point, still be I feed you… “

I just react at this moment come over, want to sheer the spoon that has extended mouth limit hastily: “Need not! Boss, still be you eat first, you are early hungry, and I also did not have hunger! ” what I say is not falsehood, I am making condole bottle all the time after the operation, basic feeling does not give hunger.

“My hunger also does not differ this a little while, you are a patient, what does hunger of my old man calculate a little while? Still be I feed you, have bit of thing more, be helpful for you restoring health so! ” his very serious say.

Don’t I know I restore healthy rate and him to feed a meal what to concern there is? It is I am true only not quite habitual others regards me as the charming like the child is bestowed favor on. How to know to refuse however, more what to know to should say? Be forced red face, mechanical ask for a favor cooperates him hello feed.

A bowl of congee is very fast smooth, he senses his extraordinary success, happy say: “Come to a bowl again? “Come to a bowl again??

I am shaking first: “Did not want, not feel like eating! Not feel like eating!!

“False really? Eat feed with the cat euqally much? ” what his mood lets a person listen to move spy to fasten is comfortable, do not have leisure dispute at all his word is good listen.

See I shake his head express not to eat really, he sits to the side of the desk, congee fell in past bowl again, see me next, laugh slightly, drink a congee to come with the spoon that just has fed me. I am in aside of Jing do not close to go up the mouth, how doesn’t he change bowl and spoon? The thing that has others used he not midriff should?

See me look at him surprisingly, he stands up again move close to me: “How? Where is uncomfortable? Do I go calling a doctor? Do I go calling a doctor??

I shake my head hastily: “Not uncomfortable! You — how don’t you change dinner service? A moment ago I had used this! A moment ago I had used this!!

“Had you used how? You get not be contagion, dry should give or take a lot of trouble change? do you disrelish me? ” he indissolubles ask. Do I disrelish him? It is the thing that he been usinging with me, and the thing that is immediate entry, how can you be I disrelish him? Be indescribable!

See I do not have other meaning, he sits again return before the desk, with pleasure taste. It is I feel more disturbed.

Begin very quickly to make condole bottle again, wait for a nurse to leave, he looks at me to see medical say again: “Anaesthetic interest passed last night, you are appointed ache do not have a law to sleep, taking the advantage of give or take an injection to sleep a little while again!

Actually, I confused those who confuse glare glare to did not sleep less last night, it is he looks at medicine to conne[……]


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” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2022 words, update at: 2017-07-24 06:23

The heart that word of Jiang Kuo lets me the boiling like terrific rises, what he thinks of above all when liking a person is he had have a wife and daughter, this is a good man that bears the blame to the family! Do not be willing owing others, what everything thinks of above all still is others, this should be to have the god-given good man that take on!

He can like to go up I, and speak this one’s innermost thoughts and feelings frankly and sincerely, the part with my the softest heart has been touched to come up against by him, can such man likes him, do this also calculate my honor? If he continues to go after me really,I dare not assure, launch intense offensive to me whether can I still insist not to his mind disturbed, calculated him to have a wife and daughter, dare I also be sure I can stand fast oneself that morality bottom line? Before this, I never had had the courage to think really he can like me.

At this moment, I see an experience as a result of my place, after been cast to the head to those so called opinion of the man. Or the regretful meeting in my heart is some more, can marry so god-given man, the thing that should be much luckier happiness? Also can use only: When hate does not meet to was not married! That also oneself does not play the tune with complex and helpless myself momently understood.

I am appreciated in still having it seems that enchanted, at the moment already the eye contains hot tear, hastily low first-born is afraid of what he sees me to be mixed nohow frustrated. Became silent, he stands up to reach a hand to the boss finally, the say of sincere words and earnest wishes: “Hao Ge, can associate with you the honor that this friend is me, beautiful beautiful have you such boss also is her is lucky, she is in you this I also was at ease, beautiful little sister requests beautiful after you were taken care of more! What thing asks you to also want to call to young man anyhow! What thing asks you to also want to call to young man anyhow!!

He so went, my heart lose a few days, think of oneself do not have that good luck nevertheless, also felt relieved, after all we just are acquainted before long, whats had not happened, he just is a hasty passing traveller in my life! Although, I had had good opinion to him even — on the jubilation with possible even true meeting him, after all, whats had not happened between us. Very fast his influence to my mood not answer existed!

The life is among a flock of lively and lively girls, although now and then by Deng foreman that evil-minded look is pricked all over uneasy, very fast oneself can swing her piece old far, oneself also slowly become optimistic rise, especially oneself are the person that idle does not stay in, always can find all sorts of handicraft work goof, my life is quieter and quieter, richer and richer, I also satisfied the life of this kind of full freedom it seems that.

Arrived in an instant of midsummer in July, our coverall also changed the cheongsam crossing genu of flower of white bottom red, deserve to go up of black follow Beijing cloth shoe high partly. Stand before the mirror, in my heart secretly surprise, this paragraph of time is the reason with life rule good humor probably, originally white tender exquisite skin is floating blush, a piece of vivid little face more glorious takes a person.

Look at my change, deng foreman always uses a kind of evil-minded eyes glaring I, the eye hilt that that appearance thinks to use her really I 1000 knives 10 thousand cut! Although I am very uncomfortable to her eyes also cannot change however, anyway oneself work to be in charge of giving error rarely seriously, in the hand that also does not make her naturally, I believe the boss’ eye is bright, he can give me a justice!

Although the boss had never expressed admiration to me, also had done not have special keep an eye on, I believe him however be worth and just, calculate us more or less do these people that in him this works have a few indisposition or demerit, he also is to open an eye to close a key point, censure us rarely, do not have embezzle part of what should be issued to spend whose money more, I can take every month to compare the even high pay of expect.

Every clerk has appoint responsible bag room or seat, but, the boss did not arrange the position that I secure all the time, he is very optional only say: “Where busy beautiful beautiful help where. ” looking me is a the most disengaged and relaxed, always having a guest actually is I leave the first times busy! Because I am unaccustomed slow-witted, I want to look for some of thing to make his quiet and contented come down.



52 accredit are worth how man广州龙凤网y money

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” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 2302 words, update at: 2017-06-02 18:19

The elder sister of annals brave should look for a witness for the thing of cultivate land actually, fall to paper! This is the distrust to me apparently, also be the distrust of pair of annals brave at the same time.

I glance the annals brave that stands by to did not say the 2nd word all the time, have some of looks at him elder sister that get hurt next: “Elder sister, you do not believe I pour it doesn’t matter, close little brother of yourself you also distrust? close little brother of yourself you also distrust??

See her head is admired only, the neck straightens: “How many money is accredit worth? Money can make ghost is pushed grind, trustful and able what? ” aside mother-in-law did not check her meaning, look she very the method that endorses a daughter?

I can say nothing, also be, legal sense is strong now, the heart that kills a person cannot have, the heart that prevents a person cannot be not had, do accounts of close Mu Ziming is not scorpion cake cake alone! But, face so annals brave family of utility, they do not have even the close affection of little and accredit, always feel to flavor is not very in the heart.

Very fast, annals brave goes out to husband’s father his watch to search with the son of hall father’s younger brother, go up in paper seriously the job that kept cultivate land and cent to become.

The elder sister is not at ease as before: “Made money obviously to moment, you slant should say compensate money, are we to be anxious but unable to do anything without what method? Are we to be anxious but unable to do anything without what method??

Can she think of this kind of crooked idea? I answer coldly: “Be in a country, cultivate land who does not understand these issues, on baldicoot head pedicular — bright place over, to take money of a few against one’s conscience more, I can not do eye giving glare to say lie the sort of thing! I can not do eye giving glare to say lie the sort of thing!!

Two witnesses also feel she is a little beyond the mark, express dozen of move with sturdy mother’s brother to keep a bank note: “Annals brave is we are looked at grown, does not know his what humanness, I dare not say others, annals brave follows his old Mom, do not do moral giving be ignorant of absolutely thing, said again, everybody is fool, can how is how he says? That mu of ground spends how many money, harvest how many, who can you sell do not know? Who can you sell do not know??

Great aunt elder sister listens also is, what to say no longer then, mother-in-law thinks less than having more of course what need is additional. See this family has what objection no longer, 2 witnesses say good-bye leave.

Morrow, we buy a necessaries of life together to market, brave station is in annals to wait for me aside what he resembles attendant like try to win sb’s favor is same, exert oneself not to see he draws out one cent money simply. Also be, 2 people marry family, is who pays still same? Should besides do not have too much money in his hand? The pay that he says is worn for my assemble, what I believe he says of course is open-armed word, that has been spent again to crucial moment.

House home gets along, economical should, I disapprove of assemble of buccal move abdomen however, especially when the son grows the body just about. Although need not big meat of every extremely big fish, I should make sure food is balanced. And east the woman three of house is to let National People’s Congress open horizon very.

They are ferial in it is the Bai Shui Chinese cabbage that boil (the food that oneself produces) , when on the weekend, buy on a few jins of pork, do the flesh that stews one caldron, the neck that like having personal enemy next, eats grew. Or a person lives one kind concept, what cannot I say to their means of course.

A bowl of end should be taken to arrive when he makes food everyday east house, after all mother-in-law is in, I still do give presents old person arrive. Can be the son that I did not say a few years old when they are improved taste, more never mention it drink a sheep to suckle everyday. I cannot ask they are right of course my son how, after all the bone blood that the son is not their home.

Of thing house living, often meeting is unavoidable, the elder sister the whole day of annals brave is cold face, the daughter that was like me to hold her in the arms jumps the building is same, also start to talk rarely face-to-face conversation, prep let alone arrives house sits on the west, say to talk. And I also do not want to find uneasy east house goes.

Often, mother-in-law c[……]


2佛山sn报告5 who lets her owe

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” I am very tender ” colorless dream bamboo / , this chapter in all 1476 words, update at: 2017-04-29 06:01

When doing month of confinement after giving birth to a child, serving by Mom, two children of elder sister and little sister, most time is looked at by father and mom. Mother and daughter does not lie between a heart, and have small brightness beside, this one my month is enjoyed very too very comfortable.

Mom is ferial in when doing not have a thing, most time is to follow father to kin home to string together string of door, hit a mahjong next, this paragraph of time of the child is born in me, pa Mom did not go out to be done not have more play, defend all the time I and children are taken care of in the home. Have indeed in my heart some compunctious, I know pa Mom for me, certain and oppressed bad.

After son full moon, I can do housework normally to work again, come loose to the outside with respect to Mom letting father beguilement, mobile activity.

In April a day of the middle ten days of a month, son be about to 4 months, mom of this day of pa is taking beautiful younger sister to go to neighbour home stringing together the door, I and the nephew small the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty that resent two years old are remained only in the home, the son still won’t climb, he lies quietly on kang, xiaoyu plays in kang.

Draw near midday when, I am being nursed to the son (the mother breeds) , at this moment the Xiaoyu beside cries greatly suddenly: “Father! “Father!!

Frighten so that I stimulate clever, look up hastily see the way to the doorway. See Xiao Liang stands in the door and kang only among, two his eyes are ticked off continuously tick off look at the son that sucking the breast in my bosom, in sensory where incorrect, I suddenly cheek hair is very hot, hurriedly tear down Zou arrives the jacket above, the son is interrupted suddenly hello feed those who indissoluble is big cry.

The embarrassed interest that did not wait for me passes, the Xiaoyu beside does not know when to had gone straight towards the edge of a kang, he thinks his father can hold him in the arms in the bosom, his body attacks forth, as a result whole person carries the ground to go up, because of head touchdown, cerebral door knock arrived, he gives out person cry wail.

At this moment dawn shines to just react, before going up hastily, hold in the arms case fall the son on the ground, I had put down my son, bare is worn the foot jumps to the ground. Xiaoyu sends crying Bei to sorrowful more in father’s bosom, xiao Liang feels distressed to regret again namely, it is to lose one’s head more, I receive Guo Xiaoyu from his bosom hastily.

“It is this big bad wolf, we hits this big bad wolf! ” I am flapping with the hand the edge of a kang, scolding in the mouth with will fool Xiaoyu. Xiaoyu sees the edge of a kang, cuddle of close ground of two small closefisted is worn my neck, cry becomes some slighter.

“Xiaoyu is good, xiaoyu is a man, ached to also do not cry! Come, 2 aunts give Xiaoyu to blow, blow did not ache! ” I am holding him in the arms, the place that falls in him is blowing air, that place is already obvious gave a somes smaller than the ping-pong package, taking hematic nether world.

I begin to fear to rise, do not know to fall brain is done not have, have risk? I fear dare not feel dare not touch, when knowing how to should have done, hear the little sister’s voice suddenly: “How? My son is this how? My son is this how??

I and Xiao Liang look up at the same time see her (what two people are looking small Yu Li is very close, did not discover the little sister comes in at all) , everybody did not answer her word. Small Yu Ye visits his mother, did not extend arm to want mom to hold in the arms however, he as before cuddle is worn my neck, sob cries.

At this moment the bag that the little sister gets on to child head door soon, regard a mother as the child that the most advertent of course is him. She frighteneds: “How do? Small 2, the child that how you see? Consider oneself only? Is your child the child is my child the child? If my son throws a no matter in what way, is there a sequela of what are you responsible? If my son throws a no matter in what way, is there a sequela of what are you responsible??

I am worrying for Xiaoyu, feel distressed unceasingly, the close little sister that did not think of me speaks this one’s words actually, true rodomontade! Fall in what do not have the circumstance of get to the bottom of, be opposite actually I growl cries again, by what do I look after children to you? You did not spend money to employ me again, do I have that obligation? What didn’t I say she is returned actually mouth there[……]


Original what perso广州桑拿夜网论坛HDFn has 28. weakness (2)

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” pure pure president wife ” Mu Yunwen / , this chapter in all 1234 words, update at: 2016-08-29 19:20

“You… how? “You… how??

Chi Lengming did not reply, but cold sweat or loiter loiter ground are risked.

“You… fear tall? ” Chen Yu is pure bearing laugh ask.

Chi Lengming viewed Chen Yu’s pure expression, can’t help some feel embarrassed, then, chi Lengming is ambitious ground say: “Without, I can be Chi Lengming, do I fear how possibly tall? Do I fear how possibly tall??

“True? ” face of old rain simple does not believe the ground asks Chi Lengming.

“True. ” Chi Lengming replies stubbornly.

“Hum… good. ” Chen Yu is pure pretend to believe.

Chi Lengming did not see Chen Yu is pure the broken Zhang that saw him, then, chi Lengming continues to pretend to do not have the appearance of acrophobia, see outward face boldly.

To the person without acrophobia, the scenery outside, be first-rate, but to Chi Lengming this is planted,spend acrophobia patient again for, the landscape that the scenery outside and Everyman see is very different, in Chi Lengming’s eye, he ases if to take difficult path in thousands of meters of difficult cliff upper part, whole person is gingerly, have the mood to see what landscape!

Nevertheless, the first time in the life that this is Chi Lengming seemingly feels fear, he also knew to fear for the first time is a kind of what kind of feeling.

In a few minutes, skyscraping annulus stopped, chi Lengming also popularly of as if relieved of a heavy load was spat deeply at a heat.

Those a few minutes are degree of cent simply to Chi Lengming be like a century!

“Hum, looked so long, I decided, I want to play jump building machine! I want to play jump building machine!!

“What? ” Chi Lengming nature is one face frightens ground ask a question, “You you, you say again, play… what? Play… what??

“Jump building machine. “Jump building machine..

Heard again jump building machine this triliteral moment, chi Lengming ases if the news that heard oneself most serious person to die, it is sad and clinking, clinking, painful to astonish clinking!

“You… affirmatory? ? ??

“Hum. We do not fear tall person, play the game that patient of this kind of acrophobia dare not play with respect to this! Be? ” Chen Yu is pure Xiang Chi Leng Ming looks after saying.

“This… ” Chi Lengming does not know how to should say temporarily.

“Unless, you fear tall, I can consider those who play to change. I can consider those who play to change..

Chi Lengming is low first, thought a little while, still do not want finally to let oneself the tall cold figure in Chen Yu’s pure heart is undone, then, chi Lengming should: “Do I fear how possibly tall? You open what fun, can like me this kind of person fear tall? Can like me this kind of person fear tall??

“Good, jump building machine is on the side nearby, go the past should arrive one minute. Go the past should arrive one minute..

“The word says, why the person that here plays is done not have! Have us only two. ” the edge walks along Chen Yu ask a question of Leng Ming of pure Bian Xiangchi.

“I booked a whole theater. “I booked a whole theater..

“Book a whole theater? “Book a whole theater??

“Hum. “Hum..

“What thing? “What thing??

Chi Lengming looked sidelong at Chen Yu without language ground pure, explain: “Book a whole theater, it is I included whole site come down, buy it namely, just be provisionality, with respect to a day, I can not plan to manage this. I can not plan to manage this..

“Oh ~ this meaning. “Oh ~ this meaning..

Between conversation, two people had gone to jump building plane lower part.

“Wow! Very tall! ” Chen Yu is pure gasp in admiration, still glanced sideways aside the Chi Lengming of a pair of face death unflinchingly.

“Go… go… ” Chi Lengming the say with one bad face.

Do not have a little while, two people already ready.

“Ping ” , jump building plane side was started, rise quickly, and jump the Chen Yu on building machine is pure because had not sat to jump building machine, cheer gladly so, and aside Chi Lengming, although be held out in the heart,fear, but apparently however as before as always cool.

Building machine jumped to stop to move after dichotomy bell probably, chen Yu’s pure expression as before very happy, but Chi Lengming’s expression is uglier and uglier however.



Fiftieth the Ya2020佛山按摩论坛ng Lan of 9 chapters, change the appearance

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” the home and storm ” the grain of rice of pumpkin home / , this chapter in all 508 words, update at: 2017-10-15 17:05

Song Xiang pushs Yang Lan downhill, yang Lan aborted unfortunately. Cliff, escape from death, although be collected by good luck,answer a lot, dan Yanglan suffers however destroy a look, shen Junfeng is to learn Confucianism doctor of plastics of hospital newcome surgery, it is she saved Yang Lan, help Yang Lan change one’s appearance. Shen Junfeng can help Yang Lan actually small whole, the appearance that lets her and differ so not quite, can be Shen Junfeng however the heart put self to rectify Yang Lan his the about of gone cummer, the Yang Lan after changing a face is more beautiful than before, changed a name to call Chen Nian the heart, chen Jincheng knows, it is he kisses the daughter that the eye looks at him to be pushed to operating-table. .

Say old gold Cheng Moer is not had on report female there is a foster daughter to call Chen Luo the heart before knowing Chen Jincheng however, also be Shen Junfeng’s fiancee, hematic cancer was gotten to die in the United States. Chen Nian heart this name just as its name implies is Chen Luo heart is reading aloud in condole, of heart of old the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces be opposite to death Shen Junfeng’s blow is very big, the Shen Junfeng that returns domestic development is originally spring the candidate with hospital assistant dean, to become a fellow worker with Chen Nian heart, be in spring with hospital demit duty.

In Chen Nian the heart learns Confucianism the hospital applies for administrative section chief one duty when, also be applied for together accordingly, liu Xueru gives Chen Nian heart compares simple work, run hospital of scholar of a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties of all kinds data, this is waste one’s talent on a petty job simply the heart to Chen Nian, because learn Confucianism the financial director of the hospital now is Jiang Rening is being held the position of, financial director must be Liu Jia’s person, chen Nian heart is an alien, she holds the position of this job without the condition.

Chen Nian heart is sweet to the Song Dynasty hate sb’s guts, because do not have evidence,point to card however at that time is Song Xiang pushs her next cliff. And her face is no longer at the outset Yang Lan that kind of about, the word that everybody believes to she says without reason more.



When kno广州spack happily

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” point to seam escape you ” dawdle head small silver / , this chapter in all 1455 words, update at: 2017-11-23 22:18


Here is the Changchun City, on October 19, beijing time 07:25. Today is my birthday before today, I promised her to had wanted birthday yesterday, so I am wanting to say to the friend afternoon. “Good morning ” , high and level tone sends one’s respects to me to always want to leave her, the likelihood is to stem from his now the relation of be passionately in love, I meet such doing, but I know I like very much such. She always says ” your fool! ” in my heart very accept, the likelihood likes her because of me, she cares in the heart, likely also because I am foolish really. Put down a mobile phone, I continue to thinking back to each days when we had experienced, she had plunged into a root in my heart. Stepping on a dot to visit a classroom, I take that all the time since it is the place that I take, teacher lecture can look to be able to chat with her again namely over there. Between she and attend a lecture, I can choose her always now, after thinking of because of me. I have study grinding plan, and I do not have a law to be at ease the most important professional lesson, fellow-townsman also was found to help me learn before me, be begin from next semester, rest of every week on the weekend I go the campus looks for her on the west. Come so, I did not have time to accompany her, so I want to no matter how should be I accompanied,be now beside her.

In the day that is together with her, if we are apart,I had wanted to meet how, I did not think out the answer all the time, because I think we won’t be apart. It is not easy to encounter, miss do not be willing, I think she is best that individual. In thinking in disorder, this class fell, I changed a classroom, went teaching, she leaves closer over there. I do not have a class afternoon, I went looking for a brother to had said the thing of birthday, his birthday and I differ two days, it is to spend birthday together before us, drink sing. And now, I feel we still are, because I care about feeling quite. I went asking him, does he say ” when? Which? Who? ” actually, I and he talks basically also rarely, especially affection kind, I and he does not have same view and experience. I and he chatted quite long, he decides not to go, I say ” good. ” I also did not think too much, likelihood he feels to be able to disturb I and her life. I also did not tell colour this thing, because this is me,did not handle good thing. I went asking another the brother, his come to an agreement or understanding, he goes to the place search. So long, my disposition myself also understands, I am right brother very personal loyalty, but the person that encountered me to like, I she what more idea and effort want to leave me. So, I won’t consider them possibly experience. Return the dormitory, I they mix classmate of campus high school on the west the thing that I say birthday, ask how I pass. I and they said I plan to spend birthday, and I had son’s wife, I can take her to see them, they also did not say too much, answer me to say ” will see tomorrow. ” although inform everybody finally, I still did not spend birthday the sort of happy, I think my brother came, she a schoolgirl can dull, I should drink, play game, she can dull, I thought a lot of, in my heart, in this city, she is my closest person.

I send her went station, tell her to had informed me the brother passes the work of birthday, she laughed, I feel my heart in very happy, I feel her smile is good-looking really. For company the car such as her, look at an issue with the very small car on her, I however very care about, the job that because this is I and her,produces together. I want to record dribs and drabs. Return the dormitory, I wanted to will cross the arrangement of birthday tomorrow, I and brother chatted again quite long, talk about her every time, I am very happy, she is my treasure hey. I am waiting for her to come off work in the dormitory, do each thing to her I like, because she cares about me,just let me do. Arrived to receive her when, I am very happy, go in that road that goes receiving her everyday, I feel very happy, and, weather is cool, she is very warm. See her, all things can be put down, it is the most important to accompany her, ha. Be together with her, had done not have trouble, she is my candy, sweet all the time my heart. I still am thinking occasionally, this is a dream. This girl, I am guarded decided. There always are all sorts of words in the heart, but see her, let me do not have courage, I also do not know why. We go in street establishing a letter side-by-side, that road, she is the first schoolgirl that accompanies me to had gone, hey, cerebral sea mile is her.

(recollect this today, think her very much, my infer her, before I want to take her to e[……]


After parti广州夜生活论坛ng company the 4th day (essay)

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” point to seam those who escape you ” dawdle head small silver / , this chapter in all 890 words, update at: 2017-11-14 21:42


Today is you the 4th day when go, I feel I did not have a heart. You had said be you to I include my time, can give you only, I was accomplished, but, how did you leave me. I think I give you all you can wait for me well beside, but I am wrong, I far he what be not a patch on harms you. I am very tired, without effort. The desire that I come home is stronger and stronger, I want to wait for a few days. But I dare not let family see me, I am afraid that pa Mom knows my thing. I choose to continue to be being boiled in the school, I want to escape here, too much responsibility lets me do not have a law so capricious, I can insist to come down only. Today, I knew you and he was together again, although I had wanted to meet such, but I did not think of so fast, you are likely a bit in the heart did not care about my feeling. I am not accepted really, I rectified an individual to do not have a bottom to enrage, did not have motivation. I continue to have a relapse to write my instead then the portion is not abandoned, had wanted to begin afresh, also go looking for a person to accompany me, but I am not done. I have to bear the blame, such meetings harm others. The class in the morning is a bit much, I do not have any feelings however, I do not want to talk, want to carrying that mask only, let oneself live below the mask.

Afternoon, my lose one’s appetite has a meal, syare blankly all the time in the dormitory, I wept, thought of you, I did not have any disposition, can oneself are sad. The class is not much afternoon, , I want to escaping, but still also went finally. Very Mu Ne, my get over afternoon. Finish class I still do not want to have a meal, returned a dormitory. My bend is worn back, lie on the bed, thought of you again, wept again, this thinking that this such night passed. My Mom called to me, hearing her voice, my within an inch of did not keep back, after because I feel my Mom said,one feeds ~ , seemed to cry. I was guessed should be my elder sister told me Mom, I very run quickly;burst;ulcerate;fester, I am overcome my Mom cries, the person that still I like cries. Say with my Mom hurriedly, I couldn’t help, I run quickly break through cough up. Next I want to drink, I asked Fan Fan, he does not have time, he lets me look for Liu red, I see her how possibly, I now besides abandon friend to still also can be contacted with respect to the classmate, someone else also can network. I am calling them to accompany me to drink, zhou Congjie, li Zegang, zhang Xiaoming, chang You, 5 people, we went plain vegetable has chaffy dish, I drank half jins of alcohol, had waved, but I still am so drunk, I drank a bottle of beer again, the mixture of liquor and beer lets me explode for an instant, I am smoking cigarette, return the dormitory. You, sent a message to me, but, I feel you changed, your mood eager to do well in everything, and I feel you are blaming me to disturb you, I am more sad, I wept again, somebody is comforting me, had not touched however you are one sentence. Your word lets me more cry bitterly, I do not know I smoked how many cigarette, how be asleep next. You can know, the injury person with your true word, you are afraid of then do not like me, also not be opposite so I, I do not have hate to you, have tenderness only. But the heart is cold however. . .



Aft广州的夜生活文化er parting company the first day (essay)

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” point to seam those who escape you ” dawdle head small silver / , this chapter in all 264 words, update at: 2017-11-14 22:25


Today, I still am done not have so realize you leave me, but you pay no attention to me, make me very confused. Colour, what you joke is right, are you is those who cheat me right? I condition begins today bad, how do you pay no attention to me. Request, manage I? Full a day, you did not manage me, snowed afternoon, I feel I am very painful. Snowed you went. My person goes in south lake, want to look for a brother originally. Alas, did not go, oneself drink bar, I sought a dining room, begin to drink, I want to ask Fan Fan, but he contacts me, added me to drink a lot of, I dare not receive your telephone call, I am afraid that I cry, you send a short message, I cried, you should look for me, but I want to see you say I do not go more, I accompany you. Finally, I am returned south lake, have so momently, I want to jump down, think you very much, be afraid of again see you, can cannot help crying. Alas, don’t I know how I do?